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Rina Green — Lyrics


(dedicated to Soviet actors)

I am dancing without music,
I’m in love but I don’t know who with.
We are heroes in a movie,
Lovers love to make love to it.

We’re so easily forgotten,
But now it’s our turn, now it’s our turn.
I’m so easily forgotten,
But now it’s my turn, yeah it’s my turn
To make your hearts beat.

We’ll be dancing without music
While our hearts beat, while we’re breathing.
We’ll be lovers on a blue screen
Someone saw once in a blurred dream.

We’ll be easily forgotten
But that can’t hurt one, that can’t hurt one.
I’ll be easily forgotten
But that can’t hurt one, no that can’t hurt one.

We’re so easily forgotten
But that can’t hurt one, that can’t hurt one.
I’ll be easily forgotten
But now it’s my turn, now it’s my turn
To make your hearts beat.

Elena Titov
(c) 2013


Is this my bad luck or was I meant to know you, I don’t know…
Don’t worry I have tried this drug before.
But now it’s getting out of hand,
And I’m out of breath again
I guess it’s all my fault
I can’t stop until I fall
So I run and run
The more I run away the closer I get to you, it’s surreal…
It’s like I’m trapped in your magnetic field.
I know this song by heart.
It will tear my heart apart
But I guess that’s who I am.
Self-destruction’s my best friend.
Forgive me if I
Lock my heart in a box,
Throw the keys away.
Hundreds, thousands of locks
To keep it safe.

Elena Titov
(c) 2006


You can't break us.
You're just a bunch of fakers,
A gang of cons and frauds.
You'll die out by all odds.
I know it hurts.

You can't break us.
We're dreamers, you can't wake us,
Can't get inside our dreams.
We're stronger than it seems.

It seems that
If you don't know what to say,
Why do you speak at all?
You'd sell us all,
Strange creatures from an unknown world...

But oh no, you can't break us.
You're just a bunch of fakers.
Your world is cursed,
It's just a bubble, it will burst.
One day it will burst.
You know you're cursed,
At worst you'll burst.

Elena Titov
(c) 2013


Distance makes you look so good.
I’d come closer if I could
Be sure you won’t erase me right away
With your photonic wave.

A conclusion drawn by me
States that we will never be
Together. In the glimmer of the stars
We are light-years apart.

This gap we’ll never seal…
You see,
We’re born to be
A foreign breed
For we

Trapped behind sliding glass doors,
Gliding up and down through floors
On elevators filled with laughing gas.
No one can rescue us…

Forget whatever I just said.
I lied.
My lies have turned your head.

When you lose what you never had
Don’t cry
For it was all in your head.

Elena Titov
(c) 2013


I can’t fly for I’m scared of falling
I can’t live for I’m scrared of dying
Don’t speak for I’m scared of knowing
Trust me for I’m scared of lying

Let’s not go into this
Shut off, get up and get dressed
In the sweat bitterness
Of unfulfilled happiness
I drown…

Kiss me like a gentle vampire
Set my kevlar heart on fire
No fire can burn me down
My eyes are blind to your charm

For I chose crying skies
I chose the Northern wind
Under your paradise
Caught in the burning ring
Of November…

Elena Titov
(c) 2013
© Rina Green 24 Oct 2013 12:55 pm
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